Growing up in a family that thrived for a competitive atmosphere is what sparked our initial interest in physical activity. Bouncing around from karate, to soccer, track all while being in volleyball leagues is what solidified its spot in our hearts. Participating in the YMCA and gradually transferring into club teams allowed us to master the basics, and enhance them to play at a higher skill level in both sand and indoor volleyball.
We were fortunate enough to be given many opportunities to play with many different types of people from all over the country. But, we know that not everyone is given those same opportunities, which is why we created one for them.

By applying our current knowledge of the sport, along with the knowledge we continue to obtain through our experiences at Concordia University and St. Edwards University, we want to teach others not only how to become the players they want to be on the court, but the people they aspire to be. It can be said that discipline, hard work and commitment are key ingredients to success. But even with those ingredients you will run into obstacles and challenges. We are here to help you overcome those and teach you how to overcome them in the future. We stop at nothing, we work as hard as we can, your goals are our goals and we will reach our goals together, whatever it takes.